Mark Appelbaum | Praha Village

Letter from Makado Owner Mark Appelbaum

Welcome to Praha Village! Makado chose New Prague because we were drawn to its rich history, access to health care and strong sense of community. One of the original names of modern day New Prague was Praha and it was incorporated as a village in 1877. Today, you can see the roots of that village in the small-town feel of the streets and the connections between neighbors.

Our aim was to re-create the feel of those early days in a caring community where residents and families are warmly welcomed—because community is about more than physical surroundings. It is about sharing our journeys and stories in a place that nurtures them.

Praha Village offers connections within and outside its walls, in theaters, parks, schools, shops, restaurants, the local library and elsewhere. Residents can have their pick of activities off site and also enjoy numerous on-site amenities such as a fitness room, salon, family lounge, outdoor spaces including a memory care garden, library and more.

This is Makado’s vision of how a true village should be—based on the wisdom of the community’s senior leaders and most importantly, the experiences of older adults and families. I am excited to welcome you to Praha Village and honored you have chosen to share your journey with us.

Best wishes,

Mark Appelbaum, President

Praha Village is brought to you by Makado and features Augustana Care

About Makado

Makado creates living environments designed to have a strong sense of place within the fabric of the local community. This is accomplished through the building design process and by working closely with the community. Makado’s goal is to create places where people can live vibrant, meaningful lives with dignity and peace of mind.

Makado has a vision of a community that will help older adults and others in need to live the lives that most inspire them.


About Augustana Care

Makado chose the nonprofit organization Augustana Care to serve residents at Praha Village because Augustana Care’s professionalism, expertise and philosophy are closely aligned with Makado. Augustana Care values the wisdom, experience, humor and talents of older adults, who make all our lives better.

Guiding Principles:

Augustana Care's Mission

The mission of Augustana Care is to serve God by fostering fullness of life for older adults and others in need through the provision of healthcare, housing and other services in a Christian tradition.

Augustana Care’s vision is to be known as a national innovative leader of services for older adults, while being recognized as a good steward of resources and a collaborative partner responsive to social ministry needs.


Augustana Care Highlights:

  • Serves more than 13,000 people annually and 3,000 daily
  • Houses more than 2,000 residents in our housing or locations where we provide care
  • Serves close to 4,000 people in health care centers
  • Serves approximately 300 people annually through adult day programs
  • Provides community-based services to more than 7,000 people, in addition to those already served by Augustana Care
  • The 31st largest nonprofit eldercare provider in the country
  • Partner in ownership of independent service providers Centrex Rehab and Grace Hospice
  • Owned communities—Minnesota: 12 (includes 6 campuses offering a full continuum of care)
  • Owned communities—Colorado: 2
  • Managed communities—Minnesota: 9
  • Employs 2,400 staff members
  • Nearly 1,000 volunteers donate approximately 60,000 hours annually
  • Affiliated churches: 40